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Tighter Regulations for Fracking Projects

Better and safer methodology in oil or geothermal fracking projects is a good idea if you keep in mind that some projects have caused earthquakes near urban areas or polluted nearby water sources. New technology could address these and other issues , and should be adopted in order to ensure the safety and environment of operators and nearby residents.

An article in Forbes mentioned that "George Phydias MItchell, the "father" of fracking and billionaire shareholder of Devon Energy thought it would be a good idea to hold on to promising properties, even for the smaller companies, and wait for the new technology to catch up so that drilling projects had a higher potential of success. However, he also cautioned that there should be more regulations as the shale oil sector was populated by "wild cats" with environmental and safety issues.

From the environmental standpoint, tighter regulations enforcing responsible projects are a good thing. At this point, we still need oil.

Wanda Halpert President Concord Business Plans

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