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How Dollar Shave Club Made it to a Series C Round of $50 Million

A Lesson in Lean Startup Marketing

Did you ever wonder how a simple razor blade manufacturer made it to a Series C round of $50 million?  Dollar Shave Club is the one and it did it by making a video that  kept every one laughing and eventually went viral.  The low cost video looked deliberately homemade and that was part of the fun.  The company used its own boss, employees and warehouse to deliver a camp promo that was at the same time a tongue-in-cheek spoof and a brilliantly delivered twist on traditional advertising. A lesson in "lean startup" marketing using social media as its core delivery system, Dollar Shave Club managed to do what many of us wish for, generate views, likes, shares and a loyal following. Sales rose and so did the VC interest. As of today, March 4th 2015, the company has closed a seed round of $1 million, a Series A round of $9.8 and a Series B of $12 million. Then, it did a Series C with Pritzker Group Venture Capital for $50,000. The total to date is $72.8 million raised and a whole lot of shaving going on.

You can view the video here: